Age of Calimity


In Japan, people believe that there are years in a person’s life that are bad luck. For men, the worst is 41. It is yakudoshi. It is the age of calamity.

Bruce Blanc, fresh off a nine-year prison jolt and back on the streets of Honolulu, is about to turn 41. When he finds out that during his incarceration, his son, who he has never met, has gone missing, Bruce takes on drug lords, police, and anyone else who stands between him and his son. “Age of Calamity” is first and foremost a noir mystery about a man trying to find the son he has never known. But it is also about a changing world, and a man who is trying to change with it. It is about how a father’s love can bend his code. And most of all, it’s about how the roughest year in a person’s life can sometimes be the most enlightening one.




United States of America