The Mangler Reborn


Obsession leads to murder in the The Mangler Reborn, a nefarious tale about a man and his machine. The second terrifying sequel to Stephen King’s original yarn focuses on washing machine repairman, Hadley Watson, and his affinity for restoring vintage antiques. As he unknowingly purchases parts from the first Mangler machine, Hadley grows an unhealthy obsession with his latest contraption, an industrial apparatus boasting mechanical arms with blades, and a mouth, sporting rotating saw-like teeth. As he accidentally cuts himself on one of the machine’s gears, it roars to life...literally. The Mangler Reborn is the latest terrifying chapter in Stephen King’s hit franchise and boasts gritty thrills and chills that hark back to such 70’s classics as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Halloween.




Matt Cunningham


Aimee Brooks
Reggie Bannister
Weston Blaskesley